Terms of Service

Effective Date: 03.2024

The business relationship between Tradxai, a entity registered in Sofia, Bulgaria, represented by its managing director, (hereinafter referred to as “service provider”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) shall be governed exclusively by the contract concluded at the time of registration and these General Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time of the order. Deviating terms and conditions of the customer shall not be recognized.

  1. “TradxAi Bot” is a software that executes trades independently. This software presupposes that the client has their own trading account with a broker, that the software is managed by the Service Provider from a remote location, and that the client initiates and halts trading by either copying TradxAi Bot signals or conducting automated trades at their own initiative. The software assumes that leverage of up to 1:500 is selected.
  2. “Recommended broker” refers to a regulated asset broker whose services are available in the client’s country of residence. The Provider recommends brokers after verifying a historical record of the software’s effectiveness on their platforms.

The service provider offers its customers the following services:

  1.  The software solution “TradxAi Bot” operates independently on dedicated server accounts. The software solution is fully usable as long as the customer has acquired usage rights.
  2. Note: The Service Provider does not provide investment advice, nor does it do so through any of its channels such as videos, live video phone calls, messenger groups (e.g., via Telegram), or by providing its software solutions.
  3. Furthermore, the provider does not conduct any money or other banking transactions or securities trading for customers. In cases where the customer allocates funds to be managed by the software, the provider does not manually set any trades; all trades are executed by the software.
  4. Risk Information: The Service Provider does not assume any liability for its recommendations or for the software solutions provided by it and expressly indicates that trading in exchange rates is risky and may result in significant asset losses. Trading is influenced by fluctuations in exchange rates. These fluctuations and market conditions cannot be predicted, may be volatile, and carry risk.
  5. The service provider notes that short-term usage of the TradxAi Bot may result in temporary losses. The recommended period for achieving a reasonable average profit is one month.
  6. The Service Provider also notes that it has programmed its software solutions to the best of its knowledge but does not guarantee that it will always produce correct results. The use of the software is therefore expressly at the customer’s own risk, who is solely and exclusively responsible for the timing and funds dedicated to using the software and any potential losses.
  7. The Service Provider cooperates with regulated brokers. To utilize the TradxAi Bot, the Customer needs to have an approved account by a broker from our recommended list. After accepting the conditions of the regulated broker, the Customer is fully responsible for their interactions with the broker and the associated risks.
  8. The service provider makes the best efforts to ensure contingency, stability, and accuracy of its software, but does not guarantee service stability in case of server failure, major internet connection failures, and other unexpected negative events which prevent normal service execution. The service provider will do its best to inform the client of interruptions in service caused by regular or emergency updates and maintenance.

The client pays a remuneration for the use of the software based on the percentage of the profit, according to their membership plan. The exact due amount is calculated based on the reports from the broker where the client maintains the account.

  1. The client may cancel the use of the service at any time. The effective end of the service may be delayed if the client keeps open positions with the broker until closing or canceling those positions.
  2. The Provider may terminate the agreement or service provision at any moment in one of the following cases:

     2.1 If the Customer attempts unauthorized copy trading; attempts to reverse engineer the TradxAi Bot software’s code; actions representing an attempt at fraud; or provides misleading information regarding their identity, age, citizenship, or residence.

2.4 If the Customer’s account with all the recommended brokers is canceled for some reason by the broker.

2.5 Country Limitations: The Provider does not offer its services in the territory of the United States, member countries of the European Union, and Canada. The provider may refuse or cancel the service if it assumes that the residence or citizenship of the client poses legal or other risks for the Provider’s entity, without this being considered discrimination.

(3) In case of a termination of the service, the Provider will not have any liabilities to the client regarding their future business with the broker where the client’s account is maintained.


(1) The general terms and conditions of the customer shall not apply.

(2) The jurisdiction shall be Sofia, Bulgaria.

(3) All annexes mentioned in this contract are part of the contract.

(4) The Customer confirms that they have taken note of the Privacy Policy.



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